Deacons Ministry

Deacon Thomas B. Coleman, Chairman Deacon Anthony Jenkins, Vice Chairman Deacon Gerald Davis

Trustee Ministry

Trustee Larry Thompson, Chairman Vacant, Vice Chairman Trustee Albert Jones Trustee Gregory L. Byrd, Sr. Trustee Albert Gaines Trustee Samuel Jones Trustee Darrell Jackson Trustee LeRoy Ganges Trustee Evelyn Byrd Trustee Jesse Saunders

Deaconess Ministry

Deaconess Shirley Johnson, President Deaconess Evelyn Byrd, Vice President

Elected Officers

Trustee Gregory Byrd, Sr., Financial Secretary Trustee Albert Jones, Assistant Financial Secretary Deaconess Evelyn Byrd, Church Clerk

Appointed Officers

Sister Bertha Lynn Robinson, Church Auditor Deaconess Shirley Johnson, Director of Christian Education Deacon Thomas B. Coleman, Superintendent of Sunday School Trustee Darrell Jackson, Envelope Offering Clerk

Finance/Budget Ministry

Sister B. Lynn Robinson, Chairperson Deacon Anthony Jenkins Sister Liliam Thompson

Sunday School

Deacon Thomas Coleman, Superintendent Deaconess Shirley Johnson, Assistant Superintendent Sister Liliam Thompson, Secretary Sister B. Lynn Robinson, Treasurer

Scholarship Ministry

Sister Tulane Jackson, Chairperson / Assistant Secretary Sister Jean Riley, Secretary Deaconess Shirley Johnson, Treasurer Sister Lillie Lowery, Assistant Treasurer Sister Annette Allen, Chaplain

Pastor's Aides Ministry

Sister Tulane Jackson, President Sister Renee' Jenkins, Vice President Sister Annie Wiggins, Secretary

Church Anniversary Ministry

Sister Dena Jones, Chairperson Sister Tulane Jackson, Secretary

Ways and Means

Sister Richelle Pierson, President Sister Denise Ford, Vice President Sister Sylvia Hicks, Secretary Trustee Melvin Ford, Treasurer

Senior Ushers Board

Sister Dena Jones, President Trustee Gregory Byrd, Sr., Vice President Sister Liliam Thompson, Secretary Sister Tanya Anderson, Assistant Secretary Brother Eric Richards, Treasurer Brother Edward Woods Sister Ayesha Moore

Young Adult Usher's Board

Sister Liliam Thompson, Advisor Brother Tahj McCrary, President Brother Tay'Shaun McBride, Vice President Sister Takiyah McCrary, Treasurer

Women's Auxiliary

Deaconess Shirley Johnson, President Sister Liliam Thompson, Vice President Sister Jean Riley, Secretary Sister Tulane Jackson, Treasurer Sister Annie Wiggins, Chaplain

Senior Choir

Sister Grace Clayton, President Sister Jean Riley, Secretary Sister Shirley Johnson, Treasurer Sister Annette Allen, Chaplin

King Echoes

Sister Grace Clayton, President Sister Richelle Pierson, Vice President Sister Jean Riley, Secretary Sister Renee' Jenkins, Treasurer

Inspirational Voices

Deacon Anthony Jenkins, President Vacant, Vice President Trustee Albert Jones, Treasurer Trustee Darrell Jackson, Secretary Trustee Jesse Saunders, Chaplin

Nurse's Unit

Sister Grace Clayton, President Sister Carrie Moore, Secretary Sister Lillie Lowery, Treasurer

Culinary Ministry

Sister Renee' Jenkins, Chairperson Deacon Thomas Coleman Sister Liliam Thompson Sister Lynn Robinson Sister Denise Ford

Decorations Ministry

Sister Jean Riley, President Sister Carrie Moore, Vice President Sister Richelle Pierson, Chaplin

Rally Day Facility Teams

Sister Dena Jones, Chairperson / Treasurer Sister Renee Jenkins, Vice Chairman Sister Tulane Jackson, Secretary Trustee Melvin Ford, Captain Sister Liliam Thompson, Captain Sister Monica Sanders-Gideon, Captain

Men's Ministry

Brother Leroy Ganges, Chairman Trustee Melvin Ford, Vice Chairman Trustee Darrell Jackson Trustee Samuel Jones, Chaplain Trustee Jesse Saunders, Chaplain Trustee Albert Jones, Treasurer Trustee Gregory Byrd, Assistant Treasurer

Women's Ministry

Sister Richelle Pierson, Chairperson Sister Monica Sanders Gideon, Vice Chairperson Sister Bonita Johnson, Treasurer Deaconess Shirley Johnson, Captain Sister Lillie Lowery, Captain Sister Tanya Anderson, Youth Captain

Youth Ministry

Sister Liliam Thompson, President Brother Devin McGilberry, Vice President Sister Tanya Anderson, Secretary Sister Renee' Jenkins, Treasurer Sister Tara McCrary, Assistant Treasurer